Open Gym

Private Training Facility

Adults & Youth 14+

5000 sq ft.

Athletic Training Facility

Free Weights


Cable Machines

Treadmills & Rowers

Kettlebells & Med Balls

Thunder Bands


Roll Recovery

RCK 360




Get Core Fit

Small Group Personal Training

Adults & Youth 16+

AM/PM & Weekend Workouts


Friendly Fitness Community

Professional Coaches

Innovative Training

Exercise Education

Athletic Foundation

Injury Prevention

Core Strength & Conditioning

Weight Loss & Fat Burning

Life Style Transformations

Accountability & Challenges





Private & Team Coaching

Ages 10-14

Speed & Agility

Team Clinics & Leadership

Athletic Foundation Training


Ages 14-18+

Strength & Conditioning

Speed, Agility Quickness


Sport Specific Skills:

HS-College Athletes

Endurance Athletes

Actions Sports Athletes




Thunder Dome Athletics is currently seeking athletes and teams to coach, train, and sponsor in-season and during the off-season. We specialize in youth & adult flexibility, sport performance, speed & agility, injury prevention, and team clinics to help educate athletes, parents, and coaches.


*Schedule by Appointment



                    Train Smart.Work Hard. Play Harder.

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