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Skillz & Drillz Week July 29th-August 2nd


Each session will focus on the fundamental skills and drills that each athlete must master to truely become an elite or performance athlete. Learn the little tips and secrets that allow you to out perform and increase your athletic ability without spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on training or extra coaching. This clinic is designed for ALL Abiliity Levels ages 10+ and ALL sports. Every person and sport is different, but when it comes to increasing performance  or staying injury free FUNDAMENTALS and TECHNIQUE are the most imporant tool in your gym bag. 

- Dane Goodman, Program Director


ALL SPORTS WELCOME for our First SUMMER Clinic Week! Each participant will recieve a coupon for discoutned traininging and a Free Athletic Assessment.


Fall and Winter Camps (Weekend)

Coming Soon

Basketball- Male and Female





Want us to come to your practice or work with your entire team?

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We will build you a custom  performance program based on your team and coaching 


Please print off and bring waiver for first session. You can click below to sign up and pay online, or bring cash/check.



What to expect?

Skillz & Drillz will include :

Warm Up: Injury Prevention



Core Strength:

Resistance Bands

Body Weight


Injury Prevention will include:

Resistance Band Flexibilty

Foam Rolling

Sport Specific Stretching & Mobility


Saturday Workout: $10 

Dynamic Warm Up

20 Min


port Specific Skills- 30 Min 

Mental Toughness



Break-10 Min


Athletic Drillz Circut- 30 Min



30 Min








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Thunder Dome aka "The Dome"

Welcome to "The Dome" aka Thunder Dome Fitness located in Blue Springs, MO. If you are looking to develop Core Strength, Endurance, Flexibility, or just want to have FUN exercising and getting results then you have made the right decision.


Health Benefits:

Injury prevention, Improved Mobility, Core Strength, Clean Eating Habits, Flexibility, Improve Endurance, Exercise Education & Active Lifestyle Support


The Core Fit HIIT Membership, Morning Mayhem, P.A.C. Elite Training, KMA Cycling Program and Thunder Dome @ Home combined our expert trainers and coaches will physically push you past your limits and educate you in the science of how to train and prepare your mind and body. We specialize in core cross training, sport specific speed, functional & athletic movement, strength, power, and mobility!


We also offer exclusive Thunder Dome @ Home Core Training Manual & Equipment. These exercise enhancing products and training will get you the results you are looking for no matter what sport or event you're competing. CORE-FIT  & Morning Mayhem Classes for all levels of fitness and exercise ability!


Do you want to "get in shape"?


Training for a 5k, Cycling Event, Obstacle Course Race?


Competing for a spot on your Club, High School, or Collegiate team?


Want to compete at the NEXT LEVEL?


Thunder Dome Fitness we are here to offer the facility, training, and motivation you need to reach your training or fitness goals!


You will accomplish


Find out more about my services and my specialized training programs. Select the training program that’s right for you! Why should we work together? Learn more about me and my training background.

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